The Toxicity Drip

happiness at work leadership lower stress Oct 13, 2023

 Two weeks ago, we had the privilege to participate in a panel discussion about the rise of well-being in animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.


It sparked many great conversations with festival attendees, animation professionals, and industry peers. 


One of the things we heard most was: ''It trickles down''.


Toxicity, stress, a false sense of emergency, lack of boundaries, negativity, unhealthy social dynamics at work... Trickle down.


And it's true: it does.


So... let's stop the trickle at our level.


We don't control the rain, and we can blame it as much as we want, it will continue to pour down. What we do control is if we choose to grab an umbrella or put on a raincoat instead of getting rained on.


You have a choice.


Are you going to let everyone in your team get wet? If your client screams at you, will you scream at your team in reaction? Or will you stop the toxicity trickle right there and then?


We say: the trickle stops with us.


That's what we choose for ourselves, our industry, and our workplace culture. 


We don't control what anyone else does. But we control our mindset, our behaviors, our attitudes. We hold incredible power over who we choose to be at work and how that influences others.


That's what The Creative Leader training is all about. Creating a leadership mindset and a team culture that is empowered, positive, and resilient.


Your umbrella in the storm.


More fulfillment, happiness, and fun at work are right at your fingertips. Why settle for anything less?


 Less rain, more sunshine, for all.


With Love,

The Happy Producers


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