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Learn the top business secrets that made me stop worrying about budgets, dodge every crazy client request without cutting on quality!



The Happy Project Schedule


More efficient and less stressful ways to define scope of work, manage client expectations, and stay on track with your project schedule start right here.
With Senior Animation Producer Virginie Lavallée

How to Say 'No' Like a Pro


Grab our FREE masterclass How to Say 'NO' Like a Pro to learn more about the subtle art of managing client requests and setting creative boundaries for happy and profitable client relationships and animation projects.

Our e-courses

If you want to grow and learn a proven methodology that will help you increase your efficiency, build great relationships with your colleagues, over-deliver, and support your well-being, you are at the right place.

Do you believe budgets are only getting smaller, and YOU can do nothing about it? 


Take charge and position yourself as an industry leader who can scope and bid on projects to help studios thrive in this crowded market regardless of fluctuations.

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Chris Jenkins, Writer and Director, 10 Lives

“Louis Philippe did more than just contribute - he was the cornerstone of common sense and a wonderful creative collaborator. It was his calm appreciation for the creative direction that made this movie possible.”

"I have virtually eliminated overtime for me and my team!"

Meet every milestone and client delivery easily without overtime for your team.

Watching your project’s profit grow while making your colleagues shine.

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Tini Wider, Producer, ILM

“I met Virginie and all my core values mirrored back, I never felt so heard. I was so inspired that I wanted to get more involved.

We NEED more people to create a work environment that is positive and encouraging. Virginie and LP from the Happy Producers are on that path!”

The fundamental mindset and skillset to succeed in production

Production crews face unique challenges often unnoticed in the fast-paced animation and VFX world.

Training ourselves and our production crew = investing in our team's success!

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MIKE BUCKLAND, Head of Production
Triggerfish Animation

“This is an excellent course for training up a production team, from first concepts to the nitty gritty of establishing structure and goal setting, team leadership and mentoring, and client management, with a very positive focus on the personal growth mindset for the individual.

An extremely comprehensive and valuable course for all new production teams to help prepare them for managing a complex animated project. Highly recommended!”