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A different kind of Animation Production School.


At The Happy Producers, we offer e-courses to help you not just survive but thrive in the world of animation.

Our animation e-courses and masterclasses are designed for industry professionals seeking to elevate their skills, land dream jobs, secure promotions, and thrive amidst the fluctuations of the industry.

Our courses go beyond skill-building; they empower you to conquer the challenges of the industry, ensuring not just professional success but also personal well-being.


Join us in creating a fulfilling and successful career in animation production!

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We happily collaborate with:

What our students say:

“This is an excellent course for training up a production team, from first concepts to the nitty gritty of establishing structure and goal setting, team leadership and mentoring, and client management, with a very positive focus on the personal growth mindset for the individual.


An extremely comprehensive and valuable course for all new production teams to help prepare them for managing a complex animated project.¬†Highly recommended!‚ÄĚ

Triggerfish Animation

“You've had a huge impact on our production team and I just wanted to say thanks and you are awesome.


Thank you for everything you do and your wonderful Happy Producers program .‚ÄĚ



Agora Studio

“The training was very informative. Virginie is a great communicator, and her passion is infectious.

Having the mindset be the driver is very audacious, but it is so fundamental for long-term success. Thank you!‚ÄĚ



“I met Virginie and all my core values mirrored back, I never felt so heard. I was so inspired that I wanted to get more involved.


We NEED more people to create a work environment that is positive and encouraging. Virginie and LP from the Happy Producers are on that path!‚ÄĚ




"The entire course has been extremely useful for me. Especially helpful were the PROD Encyclopedia, learning how to deal with clients, effective onboarding strategies, creating and fostering a healthy work environment, and the specific challenges and workflows of the animation industry.

As a recent college graduate, this course provided me with essential information on how to approach animation production. I love the people-focused nature of the course. I now feel confident that my team can deliver a great product, while still prioritizing their happiness and wellbeing. Thank you!"


"Having participated in the Production Bootcamp that we (CMAI) offered to Irish animation studios alongside The Happy Producers, I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations.

The content and insights into the world of production for animation are second to none. It is delivered in a very accessible and pleasant format, which makes digesting the very valuable content easy and enjoyable. After 30 years in the business, I learned a thing or 2 during the course and I would say everyone no matter how experienced, would benefit from the course.

I think the most insightful aspects of the course is its attitude and approach towards a very pressured role and business. By not letting it get on top of you and staying calm while dealing with the facts. It gives you the tools and mindset to tackle any eventuality on a project."



Creative Media Agency of Ireland

Scheduling for animation, without the stress!

A FREE masterclass by Senior Animation Producer Virginie Lavallée

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We are Louis-Philippe Vermette and Virginie Lavallée, the co-founders of The Happy Producers.

We are two seasoned animation producers on a mission to prioritize the people behind the screen and create the workplace environment we deserve and desire for ourselves and all of our colleagues from the animation industry.

Through our e-courses, we share tried and tested processes and mindsets for optimized productions without the stress and overtime.

Online courses and workshops for animation and VFX 

So that YOU and YOUR TEAM are more productive while experiencing LESS STRESS.

Hello and welcome!

We are Louis-Philippe Vermette and Virginie Lavallée, two seasoned animation producers on a mission to prioritize the people behind the screen.

Online courses and workshops for animation and VFX 

So that YOU and YOUR TEAM are more productive while experiencing LESS STRESS.

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