In Our Students Words

“This is an excellent course for training up a production team, from first concepts to the nitty gritty of establishing structure and goal setting, team leadership and mentoring, and client management, with a very positive focus on the personal growth mindset for the individual.
An extremely comprehensive and valuable course for all new production teams to help prepare them for managing a complex animated project.
Highly recommended!”

Triggerfish Animation

"Thank you so much for sharing all your experience in a very organized and dynamic, concise, and accessible course.

I enjoyed it so much; it was an empowering course for me to do, and not only could I learn a lot, but also I could implement in my day-to-day."


Agora Studio

“You've had a huge impact on our production team, and I just wanted to say thanks and you are awesome.
Thank you for everything you do and your wonderful Happy Producers program.”



Agora Studio

"Having participated in the Production Bootcamp that we (CMAI) offered to Irish animation studios alongside The Happy Producers, I can truthfully say that it far exceeded my expectations. The content and insights into the world of production for animation are second to none. It is delivered in a very accessible and pleasant format which makes digesting the very valuable content easy and enjoyable. After 30 years in the business, I learned a thing or 2 during the course and I would say everyone no matter how experienced would benefit from the course.
I think the most insightful aspects of the course is its attitude and approach towards a very pressured role and business. By not letting it get on top of you and staying calm while dealing with the facts. It gives you the tools and mindset to tackle any eventuality on a project."



Creative Media Agency of Ireland

"Virginie is a great speaker and coach. I would take her course on a ongoing basis once a week!
I really appreciated the guest speakers and, in particular, LP. I like his approach to work/life balance.” 



PVP Media

“This course was clear, concise, and so full of important information.
As someone who is new to the field, this was absolutely wonderful, and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate.
Thank you so much!”



Agora Studio

“I met Virginie through the WIA Vancouver ACE program and was immediately drawn to her positive energy. We not only participated in but also gave feedback to the the Happy Producer course and we enjoyed it A LOT.
All my core values mirrored back I never felt so heard. I was so inspired that I wanted to get more involved. We NEED more people to create a work environment that is positive and encouraging. Virginie and LP from the Happy Producers are on that path!”




“I enjoyed taking this course over the 6 weeks!
It was great to see examples of a different schedule set-up, and learn new techniques to aid with overall happiness/balance in the production industry.”



House of Cool

''I love the way The Happy Producers combine mindset, structure and practical examples.
A schedule can be a daunting beast, but not if you have explained it step by step with The Happy Producers.''




“The training was very informative. Virginie is a great communicator and her passion is infectious .
Having the mindset be the driver is very audacious but it is so fundamental for long term success.
Thank you!”



PVP Media

“Thank you so much for all the knowledge that you shared with us in the past year.
We are forever grateful!”




The Happy Producers have succeeded in capturing into words and mindsets what so many of us have been trying to do for several years.


You encourage us to develop and promote this goodwill through expert advice, and compelling examples that show teamwork is essential to carrying out our daily tasks.


Establishing a healthy environment and accomplishing work with a serene and harmonious spirit is critical to our industries’ future. Your training helps us create this environment.”

Department Co-Director
Creation And New Medias
Université Du Québec En Abitibi-Témiscamingue

“Nous sommes ravis de rejoindre la communauté des Happy Producers cette année et nous sommes excités de continuer à découvrir notre métier avec les outils que vous proposez."



Unit Image

“Our production manager really enjoyed this class!
I already see a few things taken from the course being changed in the studio, well done!”



PFX Studio

"The entire course has been extremely useful for me. Especially helpful were the PROD Encyclopedia, learning how to deal with clients, effective onboarding strategies, creating and fostering a healthy work environment, and the specific challenges and workflows of the animation industry.

As a recent college graduate, this course provided me with essential information on how to approach animation production. I love the people-focused nature of the course. I now feel confident that my team can deliver a great product, while still prioritizing their happiness and wellbeing. Thank you!"


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