The PROD Bootcamp

Hi! I'm Virginie, creator of the PROD Bootcamp

I am an Animation Producer from Montreal, Canada.
I have worked on some of the most exciting properties with globally renowned partners and clients like Disney and HBO.

I have taught dozens of coordinators, project managers, and line producers strong management principles for happy animation production.

Believe me; I know firsthand how challenging it can be to train your team while managing a full-time production! But I also know firsthand how important training and growth are to my team’s productivity, motivation and efficiency.

That's why I created the PROD Bootcamp

for busy Animation studios who want to help their production assistants, coordinators, and project managers of all levels learn the mindset and skillset for low-stress and high-efficiency projects.

The PROD Bootcamp e-Course Curriculum

Module 1

Production Mindset & Skillset

The science behind mindset
  • Welcome to the PROD Bootcamp!
  • The challenges specific to the animation industry
  • How to build your PROD Encyclopedia
  • The Animation Lexicon

Module 2

Internal Communication

The Compound Effect
  • Team meetings
  • Reviews
  • Internal emails
  • Note-taking
  • Onboarding

Module 3

External Communication

Managing clients and partners:
  • Deliveries
  • Meetings
  • Emails
  • Chat communications
  • Note sharing
  • Feedback
  • Launches & briefs

Module 4

Workflows & Dependencies

The eight pillars of trust

  • Clarifying step-by-step fabrication workflows per department
  • The similarities and differences between the 3D and 2D workflows
  • Prod team best practices for dependencies between departments

Module 5

Goal Setting & Emergencies

The Miracle Morning
  • How to set efficient goals and prioritize them daily
  • Managing emergencies while staying on track with the Eisenhower Time Matrix
  • How to use data over opinions to manage surprises

Module 6

Day-to-day Well-Being

How to promote self-leadership
  • Why we want our teams to be self-lead
  • Best practices to promote well-being every day
  • The science of motivation and how to use it in your team
  • Celebration for team building


What Our Students Say :

What is included in the PROD Bootcamp

  • A live group welcome call
  • 6 self-paced, pre-recorded modules that cover 30 production and management topics (over 9 hours of content!).

  • Private access to the program in Kajabi for 12 months.

  • Six Workbooks with a clear road map and objectives.
  • The PROD Encyclopedia – a tool we build together around our best practices for daily production tasks.
  • The Animation Lexicon – a tool we provide to mainstream language around animation production.
  • Monthly live Q&A calls!
  • Email support and homework feedback.

About Virginie!

I am a Film and TV Producer with 15 years of experience in live-action and CG animation. I have worked on some of the most exciting properties in the world with clients like Disney, Netflix, HBO, TeamTo and Splash Entertainment.

I put my expertise to the service of the Film and TV community by teaching happy-minded industry professionals, managers, and leaders how to increase their profit while lowering stress.

I am also Co-Owner of The Happy Producers and Ensemble Productions. I share my production and workplace wellbeing tips and insights on The Happy Producers Blog.

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*NOTE : The Prod Mindset Booster course is already included in The Prod Bootcamp