The PROD Bootcamp

Do you want your production team to be


Proactive and adaptable to changing scenarios

Calm and confident when facilitating communications

Motivated to support the artists, supervisors, and clients in all circumstances


So that everyday production is more productive and less stressful?


I know how challenging training your team while leading a full-time production can be.
But I also know how essential training is to their performance, well-being and growth.

In 2019, I created a training to help the coordinators, project managers and line producers in my team refine their everyday mindset and processes.

As a result, we increased efficiency by 20% and went from being stressed out to easily  overdelivering without overtime.

And I want that for you too!

That's why I created the PROD Bootcamp e-Course 

For busy animation coordinators, project managers, and line producers

who want optimized  processes and healthier social dynamics in their everyday production.

I want this!

The PROD Bootcamp e-Course Curriculum

Module 1
Production Mindset

Leadership & Management

  • The challenges specific to the industry
  • The science behind mindset
  • How to practice active appreciation
  • The difference between controlling and managing
  • Streamlining and documenting our processes to gain efficiency and lower stress


Module 2
Internal Communication

The Compound Effect

  • The recipe for efficient and engaging meetings
  • How to lead proactive rounds
  • Email and chat communications best practices
  • Easy steps to clear note-taking
  • Boundaries : what, why, and how



Module 3
External Communication

Managing clients and partners

  • How to build trust with your team and clients
  • Making decisions based on metrics rather than opinions
  • Best practices for receiving, analyzing, and sharing client notes
  • Client kickoff meetings
  • Client facing do's and dont's

Module 4
Workflows & Dependencies

Clarity for efficiency

  • How to use clarifying questions
  • The 3D Workflow
  • The 2D Workflow
  • Prod team best practices for dependencies between departments



Module 5
Goal Setting & Emergencies

The Miracle Morning

  • The keys to motivation for yourself and your team
  • How to set efficient goals and prioritize them daily
  • Simple tools to manage emergencies
  • How to inspire self-leadership



Module 6
Day-to-Day Well-Being

Low-Stress, High-Efficiency

  • Stress-management strategies for yourself and your team
  • The importance of celebration and positive feedback
  • The PROD Encyclopedia check list
  • References and inspirations



What is included in the PROD Bootcamp

  • A live welcome call.
  • 6 self-paced, pre-recorded modules that cover 32 production and management topics (over 9 hours of content!).
  • Private access to the program in Kajabi for 12 months, to complete at your own pace.
  • Six Workbooks with a clear road map and objectives.
  • The PROD Encyclopedia – a tool we build together around our best practices for daily production tasks.
  • The Animation Lexicon – a tool we provide to mainstream language around animation production.
  • Monthly live Q&A calls for all students.
  • Email support and homework feedback.

What our students say:

Contact us for GROUP PRICING or if you have any question about registration!

Hi, I'm Virginie!


I am a Film and TV Producer with 15 years of experience in live-action and CG animation. I have worked on some of the most exciting properties in the world with clients like Disney, Netflix, HBO, TeamTo and Splash Entertainment.


Over the past 5 years alone, I have delivered over 25 000 animated shots under budget to happy clients while prioritizing the team’s wellbeing.


I put my expertise to the service of the Film and TV community by teaching happy-minded industry professionals, managers, and leaders how to increase their profit while lowering stress. Over the past year, I have helped over 70 peers experience more well-being at work while optimizing their processes.

It's nice to meet you!