5 Keys for Low Stress and High Efficiency Productions

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We have to admit: production can be stressful!

Between client requests, technical challenges, pivoting creative ideas, and tight deadlines, there are so many moving parts in everyday production! If we let the run free, our work environment can become stressful or overwhelming.

Stress can chip away at our passion and motivation, hinging our productivity and creativity.

That is why a strong stress management practice is important.

Here are five simple ways to boost efficiency in your team while lowering stress in your everyday production:


1. Streamline & document production processes: 

Is everyone in your production team doing things a little bit differently? This can create confusion, lost efficiency, and even distrust. Streamlining processes between teams and projects can help you gain up to 20% of efficiency for your whole team.

The solution : Document production processes in one centralized place, like a WIKI or Production Encyclopedia. Keep in mind that small, simple changes in daily production processes compound into tremendous efficiency over time.


2. Practice gratitude by focusing on what you are grateful for in your project and showing others your appreciation.

In our industry, we spend a lot of time criticizing images, striving for perfection and managing feedback.

Taking a moment to highlight positive feedback, celebrate achieving a goal or reinforce positive habits, helps us build trust, boost motivation and lift team spirit. 


3. Set boundaries around task description, social interactions, and work hours.

In teamwork, understanding our own boundaries and others helps us create healthy social dynamics and an inclusive, respectful environment tat inspires team work and creativity.

Having clarity over your needs regarding your main responsibilities, hours during which you are available for work-related matters, and how others can act around you at work helps you create psychological safety for your team and yourself. More safety = less stress.


4. Prioritize metrics over opinions and feelings when managing emergencies and communicating information.

The thing with opinions is.. we all have them, and they change with our circumstances. That makes them unreliable sources of information.

Furthermore, our opinions can be wrong. So instead of basing ourselves on perceptions or beliefs, let's center our decisions around production metrics and reliable data.


5. Practice self-awareness and lead by example!

Want a low-stress, high-efficiency work environment? Then focus on your own stress and time management first. Others will get inspired and follow your example.

Would you like to implement these 5 tips in your daily production life but don't know where to start?


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With Love,

The Happy Producers

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