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inspiration leadership skills production management Jan 22, 2024

I used to be scared of other Producers... Until I met LP.

The first interaction I had with LP was in 2014 when he was producing a cinematic for a AAA video game I was working on. I had to call him to ask for a costly, time-sensitive, complicated retake that we needed ‘’like, yesterday’’.

I was so scared to make that call.

My experience with producers at that time was that they liked to scream and throw change orders around…

But when I made the call, LP was so easygoing. ‘’No problem, I’ve got you,’’ he said.  ‘’We are full of solutions; we will have something in front of you tomorrow morning.’’

✨ I felt like I had met a unicorn.

In 2016, when I moved to Montreal, I made a list of places I wanted to work at. The first studio on that list was the one where LP worked, that magical land where they were full of solutions.

I applied and was hired.

Working with LP was a turning point in my career. He was always chill as a cucumber, his clients adored him, and his team felt seen and supported.

I wanted some of that.

So I asked him if he would be my mentor.

He taught me all about building long-lasting client relationships, being a solution provider in any challenge, and staying level-headed when s#$% hit the fan.

He taught me project scoping, bidding, and budgeting and how these were the gatekeepers of healthy work conditions and happy client relationships.

And within a few short months, after being employed at that studio for less than six months, I got a big promotion.

Because I had quantum leaped my expertise, widened my skillset, and became a client favorite in no time. Simply by being invested in developing new skills, I became a team member who had a lot to contribute to the studio and was a positive leader for my team.

Learning new skills is the best way to level up your career and create the impact you desire in the industry.

And with a mentor like LP, it’s not only accessible; it’s also fun and stress-free.

Today,  we launched a brand-new course to share LP’s project scoping strategy and bidding expertise with you. I could not be more grateful or excited for the opportunity to share this with our professional community, as so many students have claimed their spot already!

The course is Bidding Winning Animation Projects, and if you are ready for the next level in your career, you will love this course.

I will see you there!


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