World Animation & VFX Summit Interview by Coca Xie

3danimation animation industry leadership world animation & vfx summit Dec 19, 2022

Last November, we were lucky to travel to Los Angeles for the World Animation and VFX Summit.

At the event, we were fortunate to meet the wonderful Coca Xie. She hosts an entertainment show for the Chinese audience, and her mission is to bring joy and amusement during the lockdown state. We love her.

I am honored that she included The Happy Producers (and our production branch, Les Productions Ensemble)  in her interview.

We are beyond grateful for getting to share our vision of the metaverse in the company of some of our favorite directors and creators like Michael Rianda (The Mitchells vs. the Machines), Tom McGrath (The Boss Baby), and  Jared Bush (Zootopia).

Our dream for the metaverse is the same as our real-life dream: to create a community of happy-minded animation industry leaders that want to change the world for the better!

See how mind-blown Virginie looks in that photo above? 

Coca’s show is wildly popular and her World Animation and VFX Summit video already gathered over a million views. Wow!

Thank you again for this opportunity, Coca!


The Happy producers


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