The Brag Bank Exercise

animation industry happiness at work Dec 07, 2022

I recently took part in a course with the amazing Danielle Leslie, and I am looking forward to telling you more about the E-Course I am preparing!

One of the exercises Danielle makes us do in creating our course is writing down a brag bank, or master résumé, if you will. The exercise helps us zone down on our expertise and highlight the results we can generate with our course.

It was a really empowering exercise to do and helped me gain clarity on the many layers of my professional journey.

Writing your brag bank comes in useful when you:

  • Are looking for a self-esteem boost or a step back on all that you have accomplished
  • Are writing your professional or personal bio
  • Need a new spin on your resumé
  • Are preparing for an interview or a new position
  • Are looking for a promotion and want to highlight your acchievements and contributions
  • Are thinking of changing professional fields and want to capitalize on your aquired expertise
  • Want to sell your consultative services

It could not be easier to do: you list all of your accomplishments in a document, but I mean all :

  • Your scholar achievements and trainings, big and small
  • All the steps in your professionnal journey, the places you have worked
  • The things you have built in your personnal life
  • Prizes you may have won or special events you have attended
  • The personal misletones you have reached and the true you have made come true for yourse
  • Your contribution to profesionnal groupes
  • Mentorship you gacev or received

All of it!

Now, take a step back and look at that list. WOW. Those are a lot of great small and big things, right? So take a moment to celebrate and feel grateful; you did that for yourself!

When I did the exercise, I started pulling photos of my most memorable professional moments: my first short film, special business trip, film festivals. It helped me set goals for the future and reflect upon what are the things I would like to add to my brag bank. Below is a picture of me with actor Alex Weiner at the premiere of our feature film CLYDECYNIC in Korea in 2013. The most impressive and scariest red carpet event of my life!

What are some of the most potent elements in your brag bank? I’d love to know!



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