The Real Reason People Quit

leadership production management tips Sep 26, 2023

In my last blog post, I shared my journey from being a grumpy and overwhelmed team leader to an empathetic and respected leader.

I was able to rely on a solid team, one that I could depend on. We created fantastic stuff, endured many hardships together, and were proud of our accomplishments. And when I needed to bring the team back for a new project, people jumped at the opportunity to work again with me!


Knowing that replacing an employee can cost up to half their salary (scared face emoji), wouldn't you want to learn how to be a leader that increases employee retention, boosts morale, and skyrockets productivity?


Talent retention, labor shortages, and project insecurity are significant challenges in today's animation, visual effects, and gaming industries. In my 25 years in the industry, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of an empathic leadership style based on strong people skills (what others call "soft skills") in retaining top talent and ensuring the success of our projects. And yet, so little training is available around these essential skills... until now!


People skills are no longer a CBB; they are essential leadership skills.


In today's fast-paced and demanding industry, the well-being of your team isn't just a "feel-good" concept; it's a strategic business advantage. 


Research has consistently shown that when team members feel valued and supported and their well-being is prioritized, they are more engaged, creative, and productive.


The statistics are clear, and a healthy team culture bears its fruits:

  • People who feel good at work are 50% more productive
  • A healthy team culture reduces turnover by 27%
  • 76% say they are more engaged and committed when their well-being is prioritized.


And healthy cultures start at the top! Leaders are key in creating inclusive, positive team cultures prioritizing well-being.


We can teach you how to tap into this SUPERPOWER!


Here is a super simple, free-to-do tip that will help you witness an instant improvement of well-being in your team: a fantastic way to encourage collaboration, celebrate achievements, and promote a sense of accomplishment within your team:


Success Snapshots exercise


1. Dedicate a specific time during your team meetings, whether at the beginning, middle, or end, for the ''Success Snapshots'' exercise.


2. Invite team members to take turns sharing a recent "win" or success story, whether it's a completed task, a project milestone, or a personal achievement related to their role.


3. Keep it short and sweet—each team member has precisely two minutes to share their success. This time constraint encourages brevity and ensures everyone has an opportunity to participate.


4. After everyone has shared their success snapshot, the team offers a brief round of applause or positive feedback, fostering a supportive and celebratory atmosphere.


The "Success Snapshots" exercise celebrates individual and team achievements and reinforces a culture of positivity, collaboration, and recognition. It encourages team members to focus on their progress and contributions, fostering a sense of pride and motivation that boosts productivity and feelings of belonging.


While the ongoing strikes create industry instability, it's precisely during challenging times that empathic leadership based on a solid set of people skills and a positive team culture become paramount. Investing in leadership skills can help us significantly reduce turnover, recruitment, and employee dissatisfaction costs. Well-led teams complete projects faster, meet deadlines, and deliver exceptional results, directly impacting the bottom line!


We're here to support you in becoming a more successful team leader! And we are so grateful to be able to serve you with our upcoming course, The Creative Leader.


We will share more information about this one-of-a-kind live course soon. Stay tuned!


Because you and your well-being are priceless.


With Love,


LP & The Happy Producers

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