I don't take New Year's resolutions, I do this instead.

happiness at work inspiration low-stress Jan 08, 2024


Taking new resolutions (and keeping them) should be a constant habit. It's like tuning an instrument every time a string is offkey.


Throughout the year, I keep listening to the sound of my strings. When something sounds off, I tweak it. I don't judge myself for sounding off; I act on it.


That mindset helped me find more focus, get better sleep, lower my anxiety, etc.

Because that is what 'lack of focus,' 'lousy sleep,' and 'anxiety' are: offkey notes that my strings make.


So, what do I do instead of picking a new-year resolution?


I chose my theme for the coming year: One word that inspires my attitude and directs my growth.


Last year's theme was: Receive.

I give my time, thoughts, money, and attention easily. I have a generous nature. However, I've realized that I grew resentful by attending to everyone and everything before listening to my needs.


Hearing the off-sound of resentment, I could have blamed others: "Why do I always attend to everyone while I get so little back?"

Instead, I looked at my behavior and saw that I held myself from receiving what was offered to me.


My string sounded off, and I had to learn a new note. 'Receive' became my theme of 2023. 

And it took me a full year for the note to strum naturally.


I took this long to assimilate 'receiving' because I lacked a key component. 

In learning to receive, I first had to learn 'to allow' things to be what they are.


To receive does not mean getting only the good stuff; we must eat the whole plate—the sweet, the bitter, and everything in between.


I miss out if I want only the sweet but keep the bitter from being nutritious.


'To allow' is not an act of submission. To allow is an act of realization.

I'll allow myself to be, let you be, and let things be what they are.

'To allow' is to accept things and take 100% responsibility for my following actions.


I allow winter to be cold, so I put on a jacket.

And I receive the joy of walking outside in a snowstorm.


I need to learn to allow so that I can improve at receiving.

And I need to learn to receive so I can give more.


2024 will be my year of Allowing.

What is your keyword for this year?

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