4 Ways Training & Mentorship Boost Efficiency

3danimation e-course Feb 10, 2023

How often do you receive training at work?

Training is not a unique occurrence, but rather it is a continuous practice. Research shows that today, more than ever, employees want to work for companies involved in their evolution and growth, personally and professionally.

Artists and the production team often get trained on hard skills like software and technologies, which is essential. But too often, soft skills like communication, building trust, and inclusive leadership are deprioritized or left behind.

In today's workplace, talent retention is more challenging than ever. Here is how training and mentorship can help keep your team happy and efficient:


1. Competency boosts self-esteem, motivation, and creativity.


2. It helps gain years of experience in just a few weeks.


3. It is great for team building and creates a ripple effect on the whole team.


4. Empowering professional growth makes your team feel valued and seen.


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