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lower stress projectmanagement tips Apr 04, 2023

Over our many years in the animation, VFX, and video game industries, we tried a lot of different strategies, processes, and attitudes. Let me tell you: not all of them were great. We made mistakes, learned as we delivered shots, and refined our mindset and skillset until we found the perfect balance between efficiency/profitability, well-being, and passion for our work. These days, we call it The Happy Producers Method.

If we could meet our younger selves today, here is what we would tell them:


1. Training is not an expense, it's an investment.

The return on investment?

  • Professional growth!
  • Optimized performances!
  • Employee retention!
  • Greater motivation!
  • Better team spirit!
  • Solutions to labor shortages!
  • Being more innovative and cutting-edge than the competition!


Do we need to highlight that these all lead to more profitability?


You don't have to wait for your boss to offer you training! Nowadays, you can be the hero of your professional growth thanks to a wide offer of e-courses and coaching services.


2. Soft skills are superpowers

Are hard skills around software, tools, and pipeline essential? Definitely!


But who you are when using these software, tools, and pipelines is even more critical.


According to thought leader Tony Robbins, "Success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics — what you do doesn't matter if you aren't in the right mindset."


That means that even the best software in the world cannot turn a toxic colleague into a team player. But learning soft skills like communication, healthy social dynamics, and building trust can.


3. Leadership is not a job title but an everyday practice.

Leadership is not only for team leads and higher management.


Coordinators, Project Managers, and Line Producers have the opportunity to embody leadership in everyday production. 


How you behave, manage your interpersonal dynamics, and deal with stress are ways to lead by example daily. And these are skills and behaviors you can learn!


Are training, soft skills development, and leadership also on your mind?


Join us for the Spring edition of our PROD Bootcamp, starting on April 11, 2023!

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With Love,

The Happy Producers

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