Online courses and workshops for animation and visual effects production crews

So that YOU and YOUR TEAM are more productive while experiencing LESS STRESS.

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So that YOU and YOUR TEAM are more productive while experiencing LESS STRESS.

At The Happy Producers, we're on a mission to enhance well-being  in animation and visual effects production.

Our specialized trainings are designed to empower production crews, team leads, and industry professionals with tools and methodologies, but also the mindset and leadership skills needed for everyday low-stress, high-efficiency project management. 

When you invest in training your production crew and team leads, you're not just improving their productivity and performance—you're elevating the entire team.

We collaborate with global studios, events, and government bodies to foster well-being, inclusivity, and mental health in animation and VFX production, because a happier team creates exceptional work.

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Experience a positive shift in your work life with Virginie's 5 top tips.  Regardless of your production's shape or size, these insights will help you overcome overwhelm and embrace well-being for more productivity and fulfillment, without the stress. Claim your free access today!

“The training was very informative. Virginie is a great communicator, and her passion is infectious.
Having the mindset be the driver is very audacious, but it is so fundamental for long-term success. Thank you!”
''I love the way The Happy Producers combine mindset, structure and practical examples.
A schedule can be a daunting beast, but not if you have explained it step by step with The Happy Producers.''
“You've had a huge impact on our production team, and I just wanted to say thanks, and you are awesome.
Thank you for everything you do and your wonderful Happy Producers program.”
“This course was clear, concise, and full of important information. As someone new to the field, this was absolutely wonderful, and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate.
Thank you so much!”

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