Do you find it hard for your studio to stand out in this jam-packed market?

I help independent animation studio owners and leaders stand out in a crowded market and attract the right partners for long-term growth and stability.

My name is Lp; I am a seasoned animation executive and co-producer of the feature film 10 LIVES, currently in production. In the last ten years, I built an extensive network and contributed to bringing more than 35 million dollars of business.

It was not always easy. I was chasing each opportunity with the same level of intensity; I was investing too much effort for little reward. However, once I realized I needed to clarify my offer and vision, my results skyrocketed!

I can help you fast-track your progress by sharing what took me years to learn.

Clarifying your studio’s unique vision will help you attract fitted partners so your studio can grow in the way you desire.

During this 4 HOURS WORKSHOP I will help you :

Create a unique offer that will help you extend your network and attract the right partners by :

  • Understanding how the industry perceives your studio
  • Listing out your strengths and areas of improvements
  • Defining what is your product line – the types of projects you wish to pursue
  • Drafting your studio’s vision – your guiding light!

In addition:

  • I am offering you two one-hour calls to assess your specific needs, catch up, and support your progress.
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Where do you see your studio five years in the future? Let me help you stand out from the crowd!