How To Survive And Thrive In The Animation Business Without Cutting Your Profit

Hosted by LP Vermette, co-producer of the film 10 Lives & creator of Bidding Winning Animation Projects

"Learn the top business secrets that made me stop worrying about budgets, dodge every crazy client request without cutting on quality!"


What you will learn:

  • Why it is not your fault if you have not been thriving or had difficulties with clients squeezing your budget or asking too much.

  • How you don’t have to cut your profit or impose crazy deadlines on your team for fear of losing your clients.

  • Who is controlling the game by creating the rules.

  • What are the rules of the game, so you can increase your chance to win.


In only 24 months, this knowledge helped me bring more than $20,000,000 of business and secured myself a quarter of a million dollars in personal revenue.


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Join many others who have assisted to my Webinar, here is what they had to say:

Karen Jackson 

TAAFI Chair | Professor at Seneca College

"The Happy Producers" is a pioneering company dedicated to educating individuals on sustainable business practices within the animation industry. Run by Louis-Philippe Vermette and Virginie Lavallée, the company excels in demonstrating how balance can be achieved and how productions can be set up for success from the beginning with a clarified approach to the bidding process. Louis-Philippe explains in his webinar that "a bid is not a wall, it is a bridge". The practical insights and real-world examples provide a compelling case for both the viabilty and benefits of utilizing his SCOPE framework in projects across the creative industries. Examples shown proved the use of the framework has resulted in healthier projects, happier teams, and significant financial sustainability."

Diego Doncel

'I had the chance to attend your webinar and it was amazing!

Gotta say it was pretty insightful. I loved your S.C.O.P.E framework for bidding. Especially the differentiation between aesthetics and features. Thank you for sharing so much value!

I won't be able to take your course at this time, but I'm looking forward to doing it in the near future. In the meantime, I'd love to stay connected and hear more about you and your work."

Magdalena Delmas
Production Manager

"I really appreciate the honest and open feedback you provide on your experience, and I do believe that Happy Producers really have a talent to pinpoint how sharing matters in challenging industries like ours!

You are very accessible and the mindset of the webinar was showing that you can learn and grow in a relaxed environment"

Marcio Shima
Business Developer of Hype Animation

"I meet LP 3 years ago. He was actually my client, overseeing our animation services for a major streamer feature film. Looking back, I see that some of the values he is teaching now in the webinar were pretty much real at that time. We were all equals and that enabled us to better solve our problems.
It ain’t easy to be a producer and business developer, and even though I had several bids sent over my career, I still get butterflies for every new one. LP now gives us the guidance to take better control of our business removing the scary part by building solid scopes, positioning ourselves as the experts, being objective, data centric and preserving our team. I`m amazed with the webinar`s insights and hope to see others soon!"