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The Happy Producers are on a mission to make well-being the talk of Toon Town


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Annecy International Animation Film Festival Pannel:


Recruitment, management, diversity, and integration: animation addressing the talent challenge

Creator's Society Podcast

LP and Virginie are Canadian producers who have pivoted to focus on training producers in the industry. What is wonderfully refreshing is that aside from being super capable and experienced to teach other producers, they're taking the angle of wanting to turn out producers capable of balancing the well-being of their role and their team with everything a role in production entails.


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A Conversation With Agora Community Livestream

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Sublime Jalisco Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico


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Coca Xie Interview at The World Animation Summit

November 2021

Empress Evolution Livestream

Virginie and Danielle talk about creating a new paradigm when working with teams.
One that is mindset focused and people first.


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