You got a promotion and are now a team lead or supervisor.

You have a new position in the team, a new task description, and new responsibilities.

Your team now looks up to YOU regarding processes, performance, and mindset.

From now on... 

Who do you need to be to hold space for your team and give them the best of you?

Hi! I'm Louis-Philippe (you can call me LP)

I am an Animation Producer and certified leadership coach.

I got started in the animation industry 20 years ago as a storyboard artist. As an artist turned producer, I have experienced the best of both worlds!

These days, I put my expertise to the service of the animation community by sharing production processes that are in sync with the creative process.

I am the co-founder of The Happy Producers and share my tips and processes on The Happy Producers Blog.

Enrolling in From Artist to Lead will help you embody the essential skills, traits, and behaviors for creating or becoming the greatest leader your team needs.


You deserve the best support and mentorship in this leadership role.

You'll dive into...

Module 01 : You as a LEADER

• My leadership style
• Lateral leadership
• Stress management

Module 02 : Your TEAM & You

• Our team's culture
• Goal setting and priorities
• Creating self-leadership

Module 03 : You as a MENTOR

• Building trust
• Team building and motivation
• Setting boundaries

Module 04 : EXTERNAL Partners

• Working with other departments
• Working with clients
• Working with the production team

« Leaders become great not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others » - John Maxwell

What's included : 


- 4 X 1.5 hours live modules (including Q&A)

- 1 year access to the program

- 4 X Workbooks with a clear road map

What Our Students Say :