False emergencies:

how to lower stress and stay on track by avoiding this pitfall.


This workshop will help you:

  • Redefine the concept of emergency in the visual effects industry.
  • Integrate simple and effective tools to easily manage emergencies, priorities, and daily challenges.
  • Decrease the stress level for you and your team.

60-minute workshop


Replay available during 14 DAYS (registration required)

The Happy Producers

The Happy Producers provide training and coaching solutions that promote well-being in animation and VFX  production. 


Through their workshops and training programs adapted to the challenges of these industries, they share the mindset and skillset for everyday low-stress, high-efficiency film, and TV production.


They collaborate with global studios, events, and government bodies to enhance well-being and personal achievement in animation and VFX production.

About Your Instructors

Virginie Lavallée & Louis-Philippe Vermette

Virginie Lavallée

Animation Production & Teacher


Virginie is a film and television producer with over 15 years of experience.

Passionate about emotional intelligence and organizational management, she creates training programs to help her industry peers optimize their processes while reducing stress levels.

She holds a master’s degree in literature and new media from Concordia University, and gratitude is her superpower.

Louis-Philippe Vermette

Executive Producer & Leadership Coach


Louis-Philippe has been working in the animation industry for 25 years.

He has held many roles, starting his career as an artist before becoming a team leader, producer, and higher management.

Inspired by his passion for the animation industry and a growing interest in personal and professional development, Louis-Philippe became a certified Stakeholder Centered Coaching leadership coach in 2021.